Friday, March 2, 2012

Beef Liver - It's Not as Bad as you Think!

The Paleo diet is constructed around the idea that we should eat the same way our ancestors did.  Scavenge around for nuts, fruits and seeds, and eat lean meats from wild game and fish.  Seems logical. 

The proponents of the Paleo diet believe that carbohydrates, especially processed carbs, are the major reason for obesity and numerous health related problems in modern diets. 

They argue that it is only in the last ten thousand years, since the widespread adoption of agricultural practices, that humans began consuming high amounts of carbs in the form of grain and legumes; wheat, barley, oats, beans, etc. 

But our ancestors didn't necessarily eat filet mignon and boneless skinless chicken breast.  When they did catch/find the occasional wild game, they would consume the whole animal, especially the offal parts; ie liver, kidney, heart and brain.

I have had liver a few times, never really caring for the taste or texture.  But in expanding my mind, and meat options, I thought I would give beef liver a try.

Whole Foods, the mega-chain I openly despise, has been receiving more and more of my hard earned dollars.  It is four blocks from my house, and some of their products are hard to find at other stores, even for a comparable price.  I needed more organic medjool dates, and stopped to browse the meat section.

On display were organic, 100% grass fed beef livers.  Ahh, the good stuff, grass fed beef.  Once you try, you will not go back to corn-fed, antibiotic treated traditional beef.  The flavor and nutritional profile of grass fed beef is vastly superior. 

Quick Google search for recipes and I got busy in the kitchen.

If you marinate the beef in milk, it will slightly reduce the strong liver taste.  30 minutes in some almond milk, and then in to the skillet with organic salted butter, onion and garlic.

About 6-8 minutes per side depending on the thickness, cooked over medium heat.

Most recipes recommend cooking the onions, then removing, then cooking the meat and adding the onion back.  I just left it in because I was tired and it was late.  This resulted in some burnt onions, but I was just after the meat.  I need the beef liver for an upcoming creation..

The result was pretty tasty.  Nice texture, not too pasty.  But it sure stunk up the apartment!

Beef liver is high in cholesterol, but does provide an awesome assortment of vitamins and minerals.  Eaten on occasion, a great addition to a high protein Paleo style diet.

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