The Whole Life Approach (WLA) is designed for people who want maximum health benefits with the least effort.  It is not a training program, diet plan, or miracle cure-all formula.  It is about understanding your body, optimizing the timing of food, and minimizing time spent exercising.  

Before you can begin WLA, you need to forgot everything you have been told about nutrition.  Alright, 95% of it anyways.  The food pyramid, low fat diets, the Atkins diet, your Grandma's advice and crazy stories - all wrong.  What you know about nutrition is either antiquated fallacies or forms of macronutrient deprivation.  They might even work in some situations, but there is a better way.

The two cornerstones of WLA are Nutrition and Fitness.  The nutrition portion focuses on eating whole foods, at the right times.  Anything goes; cheeseburgers, pizza, ice cream, candy.  As long as it fits your Macros.  Fitness is flexible as well, accommodating everything from home workouts to Triathlons.  The important part is you find something you enjoy doing.  Adherence is easiest when their is flexibility and stretch goals.

Spend minimal time training

This website would not be possible without several key individuals - Martin Berkhan, Lyle McDonald, Andy Morgan, Mark Rippitoe, Mark Sissons, and countless others.  They poured through research, and wrote intelligent, clear articles which directly shaped the foundation of the Whole Life Approach.