Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Favorite Raw Food - Sushi

Last night I battled traffic for a final opportunity to dine at my favorite sushi restaurant, Sushi Nozawa.  Nozawa-san, credited with creating the Omakase craze in the United States, has decided to retire and will shut his doors at the end of February.

The meal did not disappoint.  Baby tuna in ponzu sauce, red snapper, scallops, blue crab hand roll, lobster hand roll, Toro hand rool, salmon, Monkfish liver.

While the rice and fish portion consumed during this glutenous meal was obviously excessive, sushi is a great way to get raw protein in a convenient and relatively fashion.

For lunch, try a sashimi salad, which will normally feature several small pieces of different fish over a bed of Japanese greens with a sesame oil based dressing.  Very healthy, low carb, and delicious!

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