Thursday, February 23, 2012

Protein - A Quick Intro to Protein Suppliments

So there are a million different options and approaches to getting more protein via powders.  There are two primary types:

Whey Protein - Fast acting, take immediately after a workout / run / gym.  Protein powder will not create muscle (common fear) but will actually help tone and lean existing muscle.  Will not make you bulky at all.  The best price / performance ration for Whey Protein is ON's 100% Whey.

Casein Protein - Longer releasing, ideal for breakfast shake or evening drink.  Slowly releases, allowing body to absorb protein over several hours.  Lots of options, I prefer Optimum Nutrition brand here as well.

Both products above are milk based.  There is also a new all-veggie protein powder called Raw Protein, available at Whole Foods.  Pretty expensive, but entirely plant based.  I have not experimented with plant based proteins yet. 

In addition to straight protein powders, there are also blends.  A mixture of protein, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, etc.  A little more expensive, think of them as "designer proteins"    I really like this product and take some every morning and evening - Syntha6.

Stay aware from the protein powders sold at supermarkets like Walmart, etc.  They are very cheaply made.

You can of course also buy premixed shakes, protein bars, etc.  I used to buy these, but they are over-processed and contain to much sugar. 

As always, good idea to consult your doctor first about what is best for your body. 

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